spirituality, healing arts, and intuitively centered practices.


Are you experiencing challenges? Are you at a crossroad? Feeling disempowered? Feeling confused, lost, or indecisive about life circumstances? Experiencing the same patterns?  Interested in exploring soul patterns? purpose? spiritual gifts and talents? All sessions are conducted virtually via conference line.


  • Tarot Readings

  • Mediumship Session — TAKING A BREAK

  • Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance

  • Mentorship


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Private Mediumship Readings

 (phone or video*) between you, the Great Spirit, and the medium (a person who can mediate or channel between earth and spirit consciousness state). Viergelyn serves as a link between you and the Spirit World in the physical realm. The most crucial part of spirit contact is "confirmation."


There's no reason to be worried or concerned about spirit contact because it's a completely normal phenomenon. Since spirit consciousness works at a higher vibration, there is a "void" where we can meet and communicate. During the session, I will ask for "confirmation," which is also "evidence" of contact.


Physical features, appearance, names, generations, geographical location, and other factors may all contribute to this. Furthermore, during the reading, more than one spirit could be communicating.


My goal as a conduit is to interact with and interpret the information I receive by obtaining as much confirmation as possible so that there is no doubt in your mind that your loved one or loved ones communicated with you in the "space" during the session.


I will cancel and refund your session if my spirit guide and ancestors do not agree.